York Archers, Inc.

York Archers clubhouse

York Archers is an archery-only club located on 80 acres of rolling woodland surrounding Cabin Creek. We are dedicated to the pursuit of field and target archery, as well as bowhunting. We provide 24/7 access to facilities that include 56 targets through the woods at distances of 10 to 80 yards, open-field shooting up to 90 meters, a dedicated broadhead practice range, and a clubhouse with indoor shooting, kitchen, bathrooms, and meeting room. We host many 3-D shoots (including a pre-season bowhunter weekend), IBO qualifiers, 900 rounds, and indoor FITA shoots. The club is run completely by volunteer members, and kept solvent by revenues from dues and tournament registration fees. We welcome new members!

Please see our Facebook page for updated announcements, shoot results, and photos.